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Photography is one of my biggest loves! I always have my camera with me, so I’m always ready to take photos.

Since I live in the middle of a forest, there is a lot of beautiful and natural scenery to be taken in during walks with the dog and the cats, Lilli Morris and Minnie, who tend to be the usual subjects of my photos.

For me it’s important to send photos to my daughter Mia who is a resident in Australia, and misses the Swedish countryside. She has lived there for over 20 years and has family which includes three children. Because she, like me, likes pottering around the garden and growing flowers and vegetables and fruit, so we exchange often photos with each other.

I have been visited my daughter’s family ten times to date.

Mia and the family have recently moved to “the country”. Bundaberg located in Queensland on the east coast. Before that they lived near Surfers Paradise, which was a typical tourist paradise. They were lucky and got hold of a country house with a orchard and beautiful green meadows. There is room for horses, hens and ducks. Their neighbor has horses and cows. It is close to the sea, only about a ten minutes drive. We were there in December which is summer tome, around 25-30 degree heat. Wonderful weather for those of us that are used to the cold weather!

My grandchildren are 15, 13 and 11 years. They go toa Catholic private school where Mia works as an assistant to the four principals. She has really been lucky to get this job! Her husband, Shane, my son in law, have been lucky to get a job at a gold mine nearby.

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